Avatar Meher Baba, 1894 - 1969


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MEHER BABA means "The Compassionate One." It is the name given by a group of early disciples to their Master when, in the early 1920s, signs of his spiritual status first became apparent.

To attempt to describe Meher Baba’s life in brief creates a remarkable, if enigmatic, thumbnail sketch. For one thing, countless thousands of people of every major religious tradition recognize him as "God in human form"—the Christ, the Prophet, the Savior, the Messiah of this Age. For another, for most of his life Meher Baba carried out all of his many and varied activities while keeping silence. For the forty-four years from 1925 until he dropped his physical form in 1969—whether training his disciples or working with lepers and the poor; providing free medical care to needy villagers, or giving spiritual instruction to the students of his unique "prem (love) ashram"; working intensely with the spiritually intoxicated "masts" (whom he described as the true lovers of God), or meeting the multitudes who flocked for his darshan (view) whenever he made himself publicly available; whether bringing fresh insight to every aspect of the spiritual quest through discourses and books, or providing individual guidance to followers around the world— throughout these forty-four years, Meher Baba uttered no words. He relied instead on other means to give out the messages he wished to convey, but most of all he communicated most compellingly through the language of his Love.   >>>



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